Proofreading and Editing

AviaContext aims to ensure that our customers won’t need to spend time improving translations provided to them. For this reason we proofread each translated text before submitting it to you.

Our proofreaders

  •   look for and eliminate spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax mistakes
  •   check the text for the correct use of special terms as per the approved project glossary
  •   ensure that the terminology is uniform throughout the document (as well as across all project papers)
  •   work on the translated document format to make it equivalent to the orininal one

In case you need to verify the translation delivered to you by some other company you can use our separate editing service. Our subject-matter experts will check the texts for any contextual and stylistic errors and eliminate possible inaccuracies in industry-specific terminology (if required, the terms are subject to prior approval with the customer).

Editing also includes comparison of different versions of one and the same document for the purpose of introducing all necessary changes into the already translated version.

The cost of editing services will amount to 50% of the translation rate.