Quality Control System

All AviaContext employees share commitment to provide translation product of consistent quality. That is why we have established workflows allowing to ensure that all your requirements are complied with and the stated service quality is achieved at each phase of translation.

Each project is assigned a carefully selected project team (a project manager, a required number of translators with the relevant expertise, a proofreader, a subject-matter expert having relevant qualifications and work experience within the aviation industry, a desktop publisher).

  •   The project manager (PM) acts as a single point of contact with the customer throughout the duration of the project and is responsible for selection of the resources best suited for a particular task. The PM coordinates and monitors the team performance making sure the agreed timelines are met
  •   The project team comprises professional translators with extensive experience in translating documents related to the aviation business. Working in cooperation with the technical consultants our translators deliver target texts which preserve the integrity of the original message while meeting the relevant industry standards in terms of terminology and style
  •   A completed translation is further checked by a proofreader for spelling, grammar and syntax mistakes and inconsistencies in the use of terminology. The proofreader also ensures that the translated document looks the same as the original one

Our project team members use project-specific translation memory databases and glossaries updated on a regular basis. This allows to keep track of the project terminology to exclude any variation and provide language consistency across multiple documents.